What are Smart Cars? And Who Makes Smart Cars?

In this era of global warming, we need a car that is fuel economy and produce less gas emissions. Smart car is a new innovation in automotive field which has been dubbed as the most compact and fuel economy car. But, who makes smart cars? Most people do not know that smart cars were built by Daimler-Benz working together with SMH (the company that created Swatch brand of watches).


The idea of making smart cars has been made since late 80s when SMH CEO developed the idea of making small, stylish and fuel economy city car. Then SMH CEO proposed the idea to Volkswagen and finally reached the agreement in 1991. However, the agreement was broken when Volkswagen terminated the project because they wanted to start their own fuel-economy car project.

SMH CEO then sought for another partner. Finally, he got new partner which was Daimler-Benz AG, the creator of Mercedes Benz series. The two joined company who makes Smart cars used Smart as the name for their eco-cars. The name is derived from Swatch Mercedes ART.

Smart released their first car, Smart city-Coupé, in 1998. The company then changed its name to be Smart Fortwo. Smart Fortwo is a two seat city car which has the most compact body that ever been sold in North America. Smart Fortwo uses 1-liter 3-cylinders engine that can produce 71 horsepower. This car might be small and compact like golf-car, but it is equipped with safety standard features like bigger cars have.

Fuel economy is the feature that makes many people have interest to Smart Fortwo. The EPA rating for this car is 33mpg in the city and 41mpg in highway. Smart Fortwo only has two seats, but the interior is surprisingly larger than the expectation. There are more spaces for the legroom and the cargo at the back.

Because of its size, Smart Fortwo is not suitable for driving over the rough pavement. It feels vulnerable when you drive in high speeds. The wind will make the car shaken and you will be wondering whether the car will tip over or not. The next generation from Smart Fortwo is the Smart Fortwo Electrical Vehicle which is dubbed can run up to 100 km with Li-ion batteries.

Now Swatch and Daimler-Benz who makes smart cars are no longer in partnership. Nowadays, Smart is solely operated by Mercedes-Benz division and have been sold to countries around the world.

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