Smart Car Vending Machine is Available Now

Who is expected that there will be Smart car vending machine available on the street? However, Smart car vending machine we talked about is only available in few countries. Currently, only Japan and China who are reported having Smart car vending machine.

Don’t put high expectation for this car vending machine because it is not made for selling the car. Smart car vending machine is different from other vending machines. You cannot get Smart car once you insert coins. Instead of Smart car, you will get Smart cube which consists of brochure and additional information about Smart car model available in the market.

Smart is a name brand for small and compact car which is operated by Daimler-Benz AG. Currently, Smart Fortwo is their famous product which you can see inside the vending machine. Smart Fortwo which is still available in the market right now is Fortwo Coupe, Fortwo Cabrio, Fortwo electric vehicle, and Forfor hatchback.

Smart Fortwo car vending machine provides information that there are two version of Smart Fortwo series, diesel version and gasoline version. Both version is designed to be fuel economy cars. The EPA rating for gasoline version is 36 mpg. The EPA rating for diesel version is much more impressive than the gasoline version. The rating shows that the diesel Smart car gets approximately 60 mpg. The good news is the diesel version can use biodiesel fuel other than common diesel fuel.

Smart Fortwo is a compact car, therefore, it can fit into a vending machine. It only has two seats with the rear space is used for the cargo. Smart Fortwo is not as small as most people often think. The interior is quite large with the enough space for the legroom. Probably what makes Smart Fortwo look stuffed is its low roof.

Smart Fortwo performance on the road is neither great nor bad. If the manufacturer company doesn’t create new innovation for this car, it may lose to other cars which has Smart-like features. There are many complaints about its automated manual transmission which doesn’t swift smoothly and often jerk the driver when changing the gear. Most Fortwo drivers also complaint with the handling which is erratic especially when there are strong winds or bigger cars pass the car.

Though Smart Fortwo has flaws, it doesn’t change the fact that it creates the first Smart car vending machine which is cool when it was launched for the first time.

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