Play and Learn with Smart Stages Crawl Around Car

Babies at the age of 6 to 36 months old start to recognize items near them. They start to notice colors, music, sounds, and lights. These times are important for babies’ growth and development since their cognitive, emotional, social, and motoric skills are beginning to develop. Therefore, as parents, we must fully support and help them by giving them objects that can stimulate toddler’ physical and motor skills as well as sensory and cognitive development. Smart Stages Crawl Around Car is the best choice to introduce toddler about music, songs, colors, letters, and numbers, and also to stimulate toddler’s fine and motoric skills.

Smart Stages Crawl Around Car

Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Crawl Around Car is a stationary car that is equipped with colorful, fun, and imaginative features for stimulating the cognitive, sensory, and motoric skills development. This toy car has more than 75 songs and tunes, so that toddler can sing along and learn simple phrases from the songs. The shape of the toy that look like a car encourages toddler to sit, stand, crawl and move around the car. Thus, it helps toddler to develop his/her gross and fine motoric skills.

Toddlers’ development are different from one toddler to the others. We cannot force a toddler to learn something that he/she is not ready yet just because we know other toddlers have learnt it. Each toddler develops at their own pace. Knowing this, Fisher-Price created Smart Stage technologies for their product, Crawl Around Car. Smart Stage is a new technology that provides few stages of learning. Each stage consists of fun baby’s learning activities that have been designed to fit baby’s skills and development. So, parents can choose which stage that they think will be suitable for their toddler.

This stationary car is available in toy stores and in online stores. Besides toys stores, this great toy is also available in big retail stores like Target or Wallmart. If you want to buy it via online, you can buy it in Fisher-Price website or other reputable online stores such as Toy”R”Us or Amazon. This stationary car requires 3 AA batteries.

For those who want to provide various learning contents to their toddler and give their toddler fun and imaginative activities, don’t miss out this great toy. The price is around $60. It considered cheap if you know its benefits for kid’s development. Go get Fisher-Price Smart Stages Crawl Around Car at the stores near you.

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