Explanation Behind the Smart Car Squirrel Meme

The smart car squirrel meme is quite viral these days. It is generally a picture of a damaged smart car, presumably for crashing into something on the road. The captions of the meme are including “Near tragedy as a squirrel hits a smart car, but thankfully walked away with minor injuries”, “I crashed my smart car, the hit squirrel had a slight limp at most”, and “Buying a smart car seems like a good idea until you hit a squirrel and flip over”. What do those captions mean? Behind is the explanation for you about smart car squirrel.

Smart Car Squirrel

  1. The Sarcastic Way of Criticizing Smart Car’s Safety

Basically, those memes are sarcasm. They are generally criticizing of the safety features of a smart car. As we know, smart car is not very safe. It is too small and to light. It is prone to car accident and car crash. In those memes, we can see that people mock the smart cars by saying that the car will get heavily damaged when it hits a tiny creature like squirrel and the squirrel survived! Is smart car really that bad when it comes to safety? Well, it is hard to say but generally the problem with the smart car is its weight and size. Being small and light makes the car prone to get heavily damaged. Can you imagine a big muscle car collides with smart car? Well, the smart car will be crushed to pieces for sure. This is basically the point that those smart car squirrel memes want to highlight. Since people cannot take critic so seriously, memes are used to bring the concern but in a fully witty way.

  1. Beside the Size and Weight, What’s Wrong with Smart Car?

Besides being small and light, smart car is also not very good for family. It is typically only enough to carry two people, it is including the driver. Say you have a family of four, you will not be able to load everyone inside. You will have to use another car, which would be less efficient. Beside of that, smart cars cannot be used for cross country trip. It has powerful engine, indeed, but the real problem is with its speed. If you drive the smart car too fast, it will have the bigger possibility to slip and flip over, causing enormous damage for the car itself, just like in the smart car squirrel jokes all over the internet.

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