About 100 Cars for Good

Each day during 50 days, online voters chose two out of five nonprofit organizations to take home a new set of wheels. At the end of the day, the two organizations with the most votes took home a brand-new Toyota.

How it Works

July 22nd

Thousands of organizations from across the country submitted applications explaining what type of good they do and why they deserve a new Toyota.

August 5th

Starting August 5, a panel of judges reviewed the applications. Each application was evaluated and 250 organizations were chosen as finalists.

September 4th

After the 250 finalists were announced, each organization received details about their assigned voting date, plus a tool kit of marketing materials to help them tell voters why their organization needs a car. Leading up to the date of their vote, finalists worked to rally support and get voters excited about the organizations' opportunity to win a brand-new Toyota.

October 1st

From October 1 through November 19, voters did their own good deed by voting for their favorite organizations and causes. Using the 100 Cars for Good app on Facebook, they chose which organizations they wanted to support each day with their votes. Every vote counted, and every day we saw two new Toyotas going to two new organizations.